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Improving the quality of measurement


Units converter

Free Units-Converter 2.08 (for MS Windows) moved to MetroVal

Newton Metrology has the expertise and can help you with:

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Consulting Consulting, auditing and helping labs with ISO/IEC standard 17025 and calibration procedures


Uncertainty Validating and estimating uncertainties in measurements and calibrations


Software Software programs for calibration and analysis complying with International standards and recommendations 

Software for Metrology

System Developing measurement systems

Measurement standards Establishing and maintaining traceable metrological measurement standards and systems


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If you wonder what it is all about...

Metrology is the science and art of measurement. Measurement is extracting information from nature or from devices people have engineered. It is also about the uncertainty in the extracted data,  communicating it to other people in a standard way, and making them confident in our measurements by establishing traceable measurement systems.


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