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if you want to know how much you don't know estimate uncertainty


Off-The-Shelf Metrology 4 computer programs

For MS Windows

for calibration, analysis and learning metrology



Complying with international standards:

ISO GUM, (and Supplement 1+Supplement 2) - for uncertainty estimation including Monte-Carlo  

ISO 17025 - for Cal Lab competence

ILAC G8 clause 2.3 - for compliance with specifications

ILAC G24 / OIML D 10 - for recalibration interval analysis


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Evaluator - uncertainty estimation

Evaluator is a math and measurement uncertainty calculator that complies with the ISO GUM but can also do Monte-Carlo simulations of uncertainty directly from the measurement equation. It can compute complex number uncertainties and much more.

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Predictor - interval and prediction

Predictor can estimate recalibration intervals and predict present values of calibration standards based on their past calibrations.

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MetroCom - provides services to other programs

MetroCom is a COM DLL (a library) that incorporates much of the functionality of the Evaluator and Predictor programs. It is used by measurement management and control programs that use this DLL for doing their uncertainty calculations and prediction analysis in real time.

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MetroVal - Calibration plus all the above,  save on automation

MetroVal is a calibration and metrology evaluation program. It incorporates extended functionality of both the Evaluator and Predictor  when doing its real time uncertainty calculations. Investment in these programs is not lost when moving up to MetroVal. Automatic calibrations are using VISA software to control instruments. VISA drivers may be obtained from other vendors and in many cases for free. 

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